Vibration Mounts

Elastic Support for

SCR and Scrubber Systems

Retrofit measures are often costly and time-consuming for shipping companies. In retrofit applications, the effectiveness of the retrofit depends heavily on the longevity of the system.

We support shipyards worldwide with retrofitting and with the calculation of the loads/forces at the SCR/scrubber according to the DIN standard method.

SB Broneske offers tailor-made products and internal business processes that demonstrably meet international quality management standards and aim to exceed customer expectations.

our flyer Elastic Support for SCR and Scrubber Systems and inform you!

Complex Design! Support
for Retrofit of Exhaust Pipe Systems!

 • Elastomeric rubber / metal damper / vibration mount

 • Inventor of elastic support for exhaust pipe system (several patents)

 • Designed for highest load

 • Load more than 100 tons already in service for many years

 • Framework contracts with major Scrubber/SCR manufacturer and major engine makers

 • Elastomeric material (damper) for best results

 • Heat resistant

Advantage by Design Support!

                              FREE OF CHARGE  
Design Support                    Product

Calculation of the loads/forces at SCR/scrubber

Designed for highest loads (>100 tons)

Calculation with newest DIN standard

Shear-prove & fireproof

Consideration of five maritime standard load cases

Heat resistant elastomeric rubber

Design Support for detailed design

Structure-borne noise reduction


Read more
about Elastic Support for high-pressure SCR systems! Please follow the link to read the press release of WinGD about the first Wärtsilä two-stroke engine with Tier III compliant high pressure SCR.

Inform you about our most efficient Reinstallation Service! For example our vibration mounts are used in the reconstruction of the cruise ships Color Magic and Color Fantasy for Color Line GmbH.  You can see SB Broneske successful installed vibration mounts in the video of Wärtsilä with the title "Retrofitting Wärtsilä Scrubber Systems". 


Specially developed Vibration Mounts for heavy loads!

SB Broneske Anchorage Points and Fixed Points are very effective in reducing vibrations and structure-borne noise. Our especially designed Super Silent Anchorage Points and Fixed Points are designed for heavy loads and for a very long life time.
Those products are designed for loads from ~4000kg to 7500kg (weight of assembly = 61kg), for loads from ~7500kg to 13000kg (weight of assembly = 111kg) or for loads from ~13000kg to 20000kg (weight of assembly = 255kg). The maximum size/footage is down to 970mm (M36), 975mm (M42) or 1100mm (M48).

While keeping the pipe in position SB Broneske fix points effectively reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise. All fixed points are heat resistant up to 300°C and withstand a maximum exhaust pipe temperature of 600°C. They are delivered ready for installation.
Manufacturing top quality, state-of-the-art vibration mounts is only one aspect of vibration and noise control in the exhaust system. Likewise, installing these components does not inevitably make a supreme elastic exhaust support system. The very basis of a reliable and highly effective system is its design.