Pipe Penetration

SB Broneske Fixed Penetration

Certified for ship's hull, bulkheads & decks

Fixed Penetration
The SB Broneske fixed Penetration obtained a Bureau Veritas Type Approval Certificate.

Now the penetration is also approved for use as exhaust pipe penetrations of ship's hull

BV  Type Approval for Fixed Penetration

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The SB Broneske fixed Penetration can be produced to be fire-, gas, or water-proof and comes ready for installation with gaskets, bushings, and screws. This penetration works like a fixed point.

The flanges are made of mild steel and the bushings and the gaskets are made of a special type of rubber. Individual sizes and materials are available on request.

Area of application

- Fixed Penetration for exhaust pipe systems of ships


- Bureau Veritas Type Approval


- Steel rings

- Gaskets

- Bushing

- Srew

- Ready for installation (completely premounted)


- bushings for vibration & noise reduction

- hole for pipe (welding)

- red primer

- special heat resistant rubber for vibration & noise reduction

- special flanges